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George and Effie Soter are recalled by their family and friends. With Hugh & Val de Quetteville, Anemona Hartocollis, Joe La Rosa, Phil Syers, and Dora Miranda. Produced and edited by Tom Soter. Excerpts from this six-part documentary can be viewed on the Tom Soter Youtube Page.

This 1982 two-parter of the 1980s TV series VIDEOSYNCRACIES features satire based on the threat of nuclear disaster. With Tom Soter, Carole Bugge, Alan Braunstein, Sari Bodi, and Jay Rehak.

The television broadcast version of Tom Soter’s documentary on improvisation, as shown on WNYC, Ch. 25 in New York. The 46-minute version is available on DVD from Featuring comments from Carol Schindler, Chris Griggs, Mike Bencivenga, Matt Higgins, Larry Bell, Tom Carrozza, Hayley Raphael, Rosemary Hyziak, Carl Kissin, and others.

An excerpt from Tom Soter’s new, hour-long documentary about Apar Films, the “studio” run by teenagers in the early 1970s. Full version available for screenings — contact TS.

A look back at 20 years of Sunday Night Improv, the comedy improv jam hosted by Tom Soter.

Directed by Christian Doherty. Filmed: 1974/Completed: 2009. Recently rediscovered and completed by Tom Soter (who wrote dialogue for Doherty’s random images), this haunting film doesn’t reveal its origins: a collection of bits and pieces from uncompleted projects, home movies, and other sources. It stars Soter as a man apparently reflecting on his life though to give it that much linearity is misleading. It is Doherty crossed with Bunuel and Welles, by way of Sam Peckinpah.